Sunday, September 13, 2009

D&D with Uncle Shawn

The kids played Dungeouns and Dragons on Sunday night with Uncle Shawn. Uncle Shawn had never played before, but I think he learned alot and rather enjoyed himself. It was only supposed to be one hour.... but turned into almost 4! A fun night by all.

Happy Birthday Jana!!

It is my Birthday! Yeah.....

Happy Birthday to me.

What a fun time I had ushering in my 37th year. Chris took the day off and we had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel.. fab! I had yummy Apple Crumble French Toast. Taco Bell for dinner and watched a movie with the family.

Friday we had the "Texas Family" over for dinner and a movie. They brought cake... yummy! We visited and watched "Clash of the Titans together.

We then went to Grandpa and Grandma Knittle's house for the weekend. We went swimming and had a BBQ. Grandpa make bugers and Daddy made beans and delicious egg salad.

Uncle Rich and Renee came. Aunt Michelle and Uncle Shawn came too.

I got a new Camera, a fun Halloween Tree and a Steam Cleaner.
Mom and Dad sent me a card and Chris and I are off to red Lobster... yummy!
It was a great 5 days of fun and celebration!
Thank you to all who thought of me.
Love you all!!