Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dalton's throne!!

If you wonder where Dalton can be found when he is not in school or sleeping.... Here it is! On his Movie Theatre Recliner playing his X-Box 360 with his friends.
And really... He is there ALL the time!

A wonderful meal from a wonderful friend!!

I pick up a delightful little guy from school everyday. His name is Richard and he is a bit of sunshine in the lives of those who know him. Richard's Grandma Dorothy has adopted our Family! She is great. As a thanks for bringing Richrd home for her, she made us a wonderful home cooked chicken dinner. A whole chicken with carrots and potatos with a fabulous broth.
Dinner came with home-made Mac and Cheese... Yumm-o! She also sent a green salad with no dressing because Dalton does not like salad dressing....

Dinner was so good we used out Sunday dishes and our Coke glasses from Grandma Lightbourn.

See how happy we all are!!
We are a well loved family. Thank you Dorothy! We ate well that day.

The Beatles invaded our home!!

Beatles Rock Band Has invaded The Knittle Home!!
September 9, 2009 (9-09-09)
Beatle's rock Band was released....
Can you guess what Katee did for the next few days any minute that she was not in school or sleeping??