Tuesday, March 9, 2010

San Antonio Temple Trip

Chris and I had the great opportunity to help the Young Men and Young Women out with the trip to the Temple to participate in Baptisms for the Dead.

We took the opportunity as a family to walk around as a family and take in the peace.

The Temple is beautiful. It is small, but has wonderful stained glass windows and a beautiful view of the city.

Harrison is 18!!!!

Wait... How did that happen??

Harrison is an adult!

He is 18.

He registered to vote.

He signed up for the draft.

He is going to start college in the summer!


How did my 4lb. little guy grow so fast??
We love you Harrison and hope you had a wonderful day!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Harry and His Hero

Harrison had a particular fondness for Nixon.

We got a pic of the two of them at the LBJ Library....

Good times......

The LBJ Presidential Library and the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence that was taken around to the 13 origional colonies was on display at the LBJ Library in Austin at the University of Austin. We went to see the copy known as the Broadside Document. It was on display for 5 hours only for just one day. There were tons of people there and many Cub and Scout troops. It was pretty awesome.

A collage of election and political pins from the era of LBJ's presidency.

I am sorry for the bad photograph. The case was at an angle and I could not spend too much time trying to get a good shot.
A traveling display of the History of our Country. Very Awesome to see....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Glasses and Hair

The boys all got new glasses when we moved to Texas... instead of the rimless they have the more retro looking ones now. I really like them.....

And Katee got a new hair color.. I like this too. She is so grown up!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well, this was a great Halloween for the Knittles.

We had alot of fun decorating the house... we had trees in the dining room, inflateables in the frontyard and fun decorations everywhere. Harrison really did a good job in making the house festive.

We also had alot of activities.

Our Ward family came over the Friday before and watched movies in the Backyard with us.
Disney Halloween videos. Fun times and fun friends!

Saturday our Texas family came over to watch Sleepy Hollow... Scary!!
The Friday Halloween the kids went to Katee's friend Aubria's Birthday Party. It was a costume party and they played fun games and eat gross food.Chris and I went to a Halloween party and had fun before we picked up the kids.

Halloween Day was awesome!!!

We passed out sooo much candy. We easily had a couple hundred kids and they loved our house decorations. Chris even had to do a candy run because we ran outta candy.
Katee had Aubria come over....
Harrison and Dalton played X-box 360 with Travis, Jason, Teddie and Alex.
They also had a couple of friends from church come over.

All in all it was a great night.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dalton's throne!!

If you wonder where Dalton can be found when he is not in school or sleeping.... Here it is! On his Movie Theatre Recliner playing his X-Box 360 with his friends.
And really... He is there ALL the time!