Saturday, February 6, 2010

Harry and His Hero

Harrison had a particular fondness for Nixon.

We got a pic of the two of them at the LBJ Library....

Good times......

The LBJ Presidential Library and the Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence that was taken around to the 13 origional colonies was on display at the LBJ Library in Austin at the University of Austin. We went to see the copy known as the Broadside Document. It was on display for 5 hours only for just one day. There were tons of people there and many Cub and Scout troops. It was pretty awesome.

A collage of election and political pins from the era of LBJ's presidency.

I am sorry for the bad photograph. The case was at an angle and I could not spend too much time trying to get a good shot.
A traveling display of the History of our Country. Very Awesome to see....