Thursday, November 5, 2009


Well, this was a great Halloween for the Knittles.

We had alot of fun decorating the house... we had trees in the dining room, inflateables in the frontyard and fun decorations everywhere. Harrison really did a good job in making the house festive.

We also had alot of activities.

Our Ward family came over the Friday before and watched movies in the Backyard with us.
Disney Halloween videos. Fun times and fun friends!

Saturday our Texas family came over to watch Sleepy Hollow... Scary!!
The Friday Halloween the kids went to Katee's friend Aubria's Birthday Party. It was a costume party and they played fun games and eat gross food.Chris and I went to a Halloween party and had fun before we picked up the kids.

Halloween Day was awesome!!!

We passed out sooo much candy. We easily had a couple hundred kids and they loved our house decorations. Chris even had to do a candy run because we ran outta candy.
Katee had Aubria come over....
Harrison and Dalton played X-box 360 with Travis, Jason, Teddie and Alex.
They also had a couple of friends from church come over.

All in all it was a great night.

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  1. ok strange! I posted a comment yesterday about this post and it is NOT here! CRAZY!
    I love all the pics! looks like you all had tons of fun!
    What is everyone dressed up as?