Monday, August 24, 2009

I know.... cliche..

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!!!!

It is back to school time!

Harrison is a senior.... how did that happen.
Dalton is a sophmore... and in Marching Band.
Katee is starting High School... a freshman... Nutz!

This is how Mom and Dad felt about being alone in the house after we dropped the kids off to school......


Peace and Quiet...
It stays clean and straightened for a while....

I know the electricity meter is getting a break!!

They are now officially......

Hutto Hippos

Attending Hutto High School. Home of the Hustlin Hippos.

Will let you all know how things went.....


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Goings on......

Hi family and friends...

Life in Texas is moving along. Summer has been fun but casual.

Chris has been working, doing well at his job and loving the weekends with the family. I am adjusting to my new life. I cook dinner (I know.. gasp!), do the housework (... although I am not very good at it), and attemptint to take care of things. Chris and I are gald to be together again and vow to NEVER be apart for so long again!

The kids are enjoying their rooms and their computors. Harrison spends the majority of his days listening to music, either on his laptop or the record player/tape player that Grandpa K gave him. He LOVES his room and is quite contect to live there. Dalton is permanantly attahed it would seem to the recliner upstaris in fron of the X-Box 360. He sleeps, plays games and eats.... (I cannot wait for him to start Band Camp!) Katee spends most of her time in her ginormous rooms. She loves it and enjoy listening to music and chatting and texting her friends.

We got registered for school this past week. The school is huge. Katee says she will be living in the Library at school. It is brand new, has couches and low table for studying and relaxing. Dalton is going to be in Marching Band and hopefully in the Piano class. Harrison is taking a work experience class and giving the Broadcasting class a shot. Seminary will start the day after shool and lets hope it workd for us...

We have decided that we all LOVE Rudy's BBQ, are so-so with Sonic, and like Johny Carinos. Food is big out here, there are alot of resteraunts so many places to try and explore.

Love from Texas to all......


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Chris!!

Happy Birthday Dad!!

We had dinner on Saturday with Chris' Mom, Dad, brother Rich and his family.

We had Chris' favorite Beef Stroganoff, green beans with almonds, croissants, fruit salad and for the cake... Lemon Parfet!!!!

(Thanks Mom L. for all the recipies)

Chris felt love with all the thoughtful gifts that he recieved. He got 2 weedwackers and some stuff for his lawn.
(He thnks we are all trying t0 tell him
He also got some cash and a gift card... We are going to Red Lobster!! Yumm-o!
Happy Day Chris!